what try(apa coba)

wise man always have something to say

fools always have to say something

well, i’m neither.. so what am i?

stay quite, invisible..stay away from conflicts, i’m lacking of what they call “empathy”

i’m an ignorant of what other people feels. and i’m uncomfortable with it

i need to fix it, really


2 responses to “what try(apa coba)

  1. mungkin org bijak yg ingin mengatakan sesuatu tapi menunggu waktu yg tepat…

    tp saya yakin, bukan golongan ‘fools’ karena sbnrnya ga ada org bodoh di dunia ini..

    (sok bijak mode: on)

    Hayuk atuh kak..


    Never Give Up!! p(^o^)q

  2. hicha….. thanks so very much
    jd bersemangat nih..

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