Infra Red Remote Switch

first of all, here we go, i post in english this time

lately i’ve been experimenting stuffs, like i’ve allways done actually.. everytime i wake up

this time i wanna tell you guys about my experiment on Infra Red Remote. I kinda create my own remote control, just for fun. I got this idea when i was asleep in my compartment then i realize that the light in my room was too bright.. somehow i want to turn it off…. but, i was very lazy to step on the cold floor and walk to reach the lamp switch on the wall. then i started to think of what possible solution to the problem i had.

first thing would be having nanny or someone to help me reaching the switch, or if i had these super telekinetic ability.. i could just think of the switch to be turned off. but unfortunately i didnt have both the solutions. in a flash of a second.. i got the thought of.. a remote control which allow me to just move my fingers a bit and just enough to reach the switch and do the turning off of the lamp.

so after a while thinking, i could use my skill of electronics and embedded system programming to solve my problem. the solution come up. i can use either radio frequency or infra red to do the wireless data transferring my needs of turning of the switch into the switch. of course with limited money i had in hand my solution have to be cheap and affordable by me yet interesting to be done. lucky for me.. as i walked around electronic shops i found an interesting InfraRed Sensor that have been very good… well made with all the ability to band pass filter the infra red signal only for a certain band of modulation frequency.. and its very very cheap.. so i decided to use this instead of RF for economical reason.. and beside it’s just enough for my needs. i need to control my lamp not from very far distance.. just 2-4 meters

and so the experiments took places.

and this is the picture of my remotely controlled lamp.

my remote control can adapt to any remote control signal from a general remote control from any brand/manufacturer as long as work with the modulation frequency of my receiver. i placed a”learn” switch for the receiver module to learn signal from remote transmitter (remember, could be any remote transmitter-from any kind of device, television set, radio/tape/CD/DV.. etc 🙂 ) as long as it operates on the modulation frequency of my receiver then my remote switch will work!

so now i can sleep tight when i forgot to switch off the lamp i just pick up my remote aim it at the lamp and put a click.. and the lamp just follow my order :)…. remotely! wirelessly!

i am now very happy

i wonder, have i actually explain it well.. at least i’ve tried…

ok.. that’s all for now.

here’s a video i recorded using my cellphone during my system test


7 responses to “Infra Red Remote Switch

  1. pras, pesen satu buat neng momo…:P
    pras, bisa buat nyang gituan dari tipi bekas ga? kebetulan disini banyak …
    ga ding pras becanda…

  2. wew.. momo chaan…
    i bet she will like it a lot
    happiness of all time

    it will make a wonderful gift for everyone

  3. Wow.. good stuff Pras 🙂 You could make it into a remote light center for the whole house. This way, we could control all the lamps in our house while sitting on the couch 🙂 pretty practical, if I could say so myself. Pack the whole thing into one neat and cute little box, then sell it 🙂 You can make a good money from it :p hehehhe…

  4. Praz,

    Do you have a walkthrough (for superduperdummies) on how to make this?

  5. @wiku: anyone order? i’ll pack it immediately.. for now i just happy enough only to able to really make this thing work.

    @gojo:in the following sessions i’ll try my best to share more

  6. Mantaaap.
    Saving energy is even easier now. Switching electricity with your finger from anywhere within the reach of your remote control. Good stuff.
    Please tell us how to install it. Should we call an electrician? Or this is DIY (Do It Yourself) ? 😀

  7. bos ngajarinnya jangan tanggung2 to ya pasang juga to skema atau circuits nya

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